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Integrity First

private cloud perfection

business hosting expertly managed

downtime can cause lasting damage for a growing business.  minimize risk exposure and keep your business online and safe. fast. secure. protected. no matter what happens

enterprise service, SMB budget

If it runs on linux then we can fix it, scale it, optimize it, migrate it, secure it, host it, monitor it, and protect it. And 9 times out of 10, we uncover substantial long-term cost savings for your business in the process.

platform and data migration

We know the ins and outs of moving services and data from here to there, and we thrive in unique and complex business scenarios. Talk to us before migrating your complex infrastructure, transitioning to a new RDBMS, or executing any risky changes to your critical business systems

practical cloud computing

While cloud hosting is ideal for specific applications, most businesses using major cloud products can cut spending, improve security, and increase capacity with a hybrid solution. Many businesses can effortlessly handle 10, 20, 50-fold growth while spending significantly less per month. Imagine paying the same amount every month for cloud hosting; no surprises or hidden fees. No two clouds are the same. 

serious production hosting

Sprux LLC has been operating live production hosting environments since 1999. Our overall production service availability is 99.999% during the past decade, with several clients enjoying 100% uptime for more than five years. We do this by properly managing production-ready, enterprise-level hardware. Our pricing beats or competes with major hosting providers that offer cheap server hardware and minimal uptime guarantees.

beyond hosting

If hosting downtime or service degradation can halt or hinder  business operations, then the business depends on a mission-critical service.

Mission-critical services demand more than just "web hosting" - if the business cannot run without it or incurs losses when it goes down, seek guidance from trusted industry experts with broad experience. Sprux LLC specializes in mission-critical service architecture.

independent and unbiased

Beware the platform specialist. providers who sell one specific solution (e.g. AWS or Azure) typically earn commission on everything their clients purchase. Not objective. Not trustworthy.

Sprux LLC is entirely independent and proudly unaffiliated. Free from the corruption of vendor partnerships and affiliate commissions, we honestly and objectively consider every option available to our clients in order to deliver the best solution for their needs.

Integrity First.

unmatched value

Services from Sprux LLC are transparently priced. No surprises, no fine print, no nickel-and-dime charges. We value trust and lasting relationships with clients. There is no honor in misleading clients and placing profits above all else.

We proudly offer more power, more bandwidth, more freedom, and more overall value vs. leading industry providers. Every product. Every service. Every time.

better by default

Every service from Sprux LLC includes secure dedicated VPN access by default. No restrictions or limitations. configurable as needed, dedicated and isolated, and enterprise-ready. Your most demanding business use case is very likely within the scope of our base services VPN.

Sprux Private Cloud instances are not throttled or artificially limited, and bandwidth costs are near-zero compared with public cloud pricing, with 5TB per month included and low per-TB pricing after that. No metered billing and no complicated prices. Your cloud hosting bill will be consistent and affordable month after month.