Sprux LLC

purpose and people


Our actions, decisions, and engagements are guided by a set of simple core values: honor, integrity, and respect.


Sprux LLC draws from two decades of hands-on experience in a variety of industries to provide practical guidance and valuable expertise to business owners struggling with complex technical challenges.

Solutions, advice, and proposals for our clients are designed to meet their specific needs and goals to create real, lasting value. We set aside personal idealogies and technology bias (Mac vs Linux, cloud vs bare metal, docker vs kubernetes, etc), and we do not engage in vendor affiliate programs or reseller arrangements.

We tend to architect robust, high capacity solutions designed to take advantage of dedicated physical hardware advantages in performance, security, and affordability. We also understand how and when cloud hosting products provide important advantages for a client.  We recommend a strategy based on the products and technology best suited for our client.




Specialties: linux, platform migrations, application scaleing, IT strategy, production architecture



Specialties: system organization and efficiency, business strategy, crisis management, process optimization

E. K.


Specialties: network design and security, operational security, pentesting, software architecture

C. M.


Specialties: linux, automation, large-scale system management, live production environment tuning