A Leading National Process Service Company with a Do-or-Die Scaling Challenge

Sprux LLC Case Study

Unusual Challenge

As one of the top-3 national process service companies, this business owed its success, in part, to their proprietary and highly complicated data analysis formulae. This secret weapon continuously extracted information from an internal data set, giving them a critical edge over the competition.

But as their sales increased, their internal databases were growing even faster, and they eventually ran up against the limits of their databases and the secret weapon was unable to function correctly.

Unbiased Solution

Our reputation for building straightforward, long-term solutions free of unnecessary bloat was exactly what the company was looking for. Sprux LLC was hired to overcome the internal data scaling roadblock.

Our solution was highly successful, though far from simple. We worked closely with the company's tech team and performed exhaustive  analyses of their systems in order to understand the entire scope of the challenge. Only then were we able to design a high-performance clustered database stack using special-purpose components capable of meeting their specific needs as their data volume continued its growth trend.

Services provided

  • Technical strategy consulting
  • Low-level process analysis
  • Advanced data storage and query optimization
  • Critical service cluster design
  • Disaster recovery consulting
  • Systems engineering

Businesses come to us for technical solutions they can rely on to grow and succeed. We deliver every time.

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