Top-30 Podcast and Blog Handles Any Traffic Surge, 5 Years 100% Uptime

Sprux LLC Case Study

Real Pros Tough to Find

They knew their popularity exceeded the capabilities of their web host long before hitting the front page of Reddit. Their hosting provider wanted to sell their most expensive service, but it was just another generic shared solution unfit for their needs.

The publication's tech staff researched every hosting option they could find but the overall lack of transparency from every server host and extreme unpredictability of public cloud costs left them wary and dissatisfied.  

Valued Integrity

When they contacted Sprux LLC about their hosting needs they were thrown off by the service transparency and simple prices. Their shopping experience had left them jaded and skeptical. They contacted a trusted reference who assured them of our commitment to integrity before pulling the trigger on a managed dedicated solution with Sprux. We assisted with their server configuration and content migration for a smooth transition to their new server.

Nearly five years and countless traffic surges later, their websites have remained online and 100% available for the same monthly price they were originally promised. Their readership continues to grow and their ongoing success remains unhindered by their hosting service. Today they are recognized as one of the Top-30 most popular podcasts on the internet, and they haven't worried about their hosting service for several years.

Services provided

  • Technical strategy consulting
  • Platform migration
  • Critical service hosting
  • Dedicated enterprise-grade server hosting
  • Infrastructure design and configuration
  • Monitoring and incident response
  • On-site backup services

Businesses come to us for technical solutions they can rely on to grow and succeed. We deliver every time.

Consumer Credit Services Company With 10X Growth Over 9 Months

A business built upon a custom web application had reached the limits of its hosting solution. Sprux designed hosting infrastructure and provided engineering expertise necessary to grow sales to $10M in less than one year.

Renowned Blog and Podcast Find Solution to Mega Traffic Spikes

A web publication was becoming very popular and widely-read, and their industry-standard hosting solution was not capable of handling the traffic. They wanted a serious, honest, no-bull hosting service with fair pricing.

National Process Service Business With Unique Data Processing Needs

Their key market advantage was their advanced data processing technology. Stymied by a growing data set and strict security requirements, they hired Sprux to design a solution to ensure performance and capacity would scale with growth.