Consumer Web Application Scaling for 10X Sales Growth

Sprux LLC Case Study

Time for Professional Hosting

A newcomer to the consumer credit repair and credit monitoring market, this company's founder was off to a strong start when he suddenly reached the limits of his hosting solution. The hosting provider was unable to offer expertise in application scaling, and actually attempted to sell service upgrades to the business at obscene prices several times the market norm. The company's senior engineer was familiar with Sprux LLC and called us to describe the situation. We knew exactly what to do.

We immediately migrated the web application to a custom solution on Sprux's private cloud infrastructure as a temporary fix to keep the business online while a permanent solution was designed. We listened to the business owner's needs and worked with the dev team to create a strategy for scaling the application infrastructure to handle continued growth.

Prepared for Success

Sprux designed and implemented a technical strategy to support exponential growth with minimal complexity and consistent, predictable costs. Only months after hiring Sprux LLC to lead their technical strategy, the company a period of growth resulting in sales increasing from $1 million to $10 million in less than one year. To sustain that much growth, their hosted application infrastructure had scaled to more than 20 compute instances, a multi-node dedicated hardware-backed database cluster, and over 20TB active data - a high-performance private cloud designed and built to meet their specific needs.

The enormous success of this company was possible with service and guidance from Sprux LLC. The company depended on us to protect their data and ensure their continued operation.

Services provided

  • Technical strategy consulting
  • Platform migration
  • Critical service hosting
  • Capacity planning
  • Growth scaling consulting
  • Production systems management
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Monitoring and incident response
  • Disaster recovery consulting
  • Database optimization consulting

Businesses come to us for technical solutions they can rely on to grow and succeed. We deliver every time.

Consumer Credit Services Company With 10X Growth Over 9 Months

A business built upon a custom web application had reached the limits of its hosting solution. Sprux designed hosting infrastructure and provided engineering expertise necessary to grow sales to $10M in less than one year.

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