Dedicated Server Hosting

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Dedicated Bare Metal

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Real physical enterprise hardware server, fully production-ready, custom-configured to meet your specific needs. Includes Base Services.

True enterprise server hardware with serious hosting capacity and raw, uncapped compute power. Get absolute control of your private cloud for true privacy, maximum power, and transparent pricing.

Maximum Privacy

Sprux dedicated servers are entirely private. You get root access to the server OS and full control of the machine. We monitor and manage the physical hardware and network infrastructure, but only you control access to the operating system and services running on your server. You are in control of the entire system.

Total Control of Your Cloud

Sprux bare-metal hosted servers are 100% under the control of the customer. You have full root access and you are free to use the hardware however you please. Run a hypervisor to host your own virtual machines, configure powerful application clusters running on true enterprise-grade hardware, and scale to meet demand with no artificial limitations.

Type Dell PowerEdge
CPU Dual 8-core (16 physical CPU cores)
Memory/RAM 64 GB ECC
RAID Hardware, RAID-10 (default)
Disks 6x Enterprise SAS 10k, SAS 15k, or SSD
Storage 900GB Default (RAID-10), or custom setup
Power Supply Dual/Redundant
OS Any
Device/OS Support 64 GB ECC
Network (Internet) 1 Gbps, Static IPV4, 5 TB transfer/mo
Network (Other) Private subnet on physical switch, custom config