Experience Counts

100% success resolving client challenges since 1999


Our first production internet services went online in 1999. Since then we have been building, deploying, and managing live production internet systems continuously. Cumulative practice exceeded 10,000 hours long ago. You can safely call us "experts".


A wise engineer expects nasty glitches and surprise failures, especially at the most critical stage of a deployment. Issues like this tend to be unique in every environment and must be independently resolved each time. Even so, resolving countless deployment challenges over many years has revealed patterns and processes leading to successful results.


Everyone has preference and bias, especially in the world of infrastructure hosting. But Sprux LLC stands apart from virtually every service provider in the industry as a truly objective and technology-agnostic professional consultancy. Free of vendor partnerships, affiliate incentives, and any desire to validate our opinions, Sprux LLC demonstrates sincere commitment to providing clients with optimal solutions designed to simply meet their needs and maximize value. Nothing more, nothing extra, nothing to compromise our integrity.


Broad, low-level understanding of internet hosting paradigms - from bare-metal to public cloud and everything in between - helps us confidently design systems that are ideal for each client challenge. Sprux will identify every opportunity to optimize performance and value. This approach to system design can produce multi-hybrid solutions capable of scaling with long-term business growth while avoiding ballooning hosting costs. For example, a business providing data analysis and reporting services for large corporate customers may have only basic web hosting requirements regardless of internal growth, so any reliable low-cost solution will work. But storing terabytes of data for each new customer calls for a public-cloud object store back-end in order to scale indefinitely.